• These beautiful pyramid beanbag covers are perfect to upcycle your old beanbag, giving your child a place to relax. They also make a perfect addition to a childs room, playroom, reading corner or lounge. They are made from 100% cotton and are available in a lots of handpicked prints. It also has a little carrying handle to aid carrying from one room to another. It is recommended to use our custom liners with the covers to maintain the pyramid shape and contain the beans. This item is handmade therefore there may be slight variations between each one.


    Lovingly made by


    Peekaboo & Rosie


    ****please note this listing is for the beanbag cover ONLY and does not include the liner or beans or cushions****

    Children's pyramid beanbag cover

    • All beanbags are pyramid in shape.

      The approximate dimensions are:

      Small - 31 inches wide x 31 inches high x 33 inches long - This bean bag is suitable for ages 3 and under

      Standard - 35 inches wide x 35 inches high x 39 inches long - This bean bag is suitable for ages 3- 10

      Large - 39 inches wide x 39 inches high x 45 inches long - This bean bag is suitable for an older child or adult