• These luxury beanbags are new to the natural collection. They are each carefully handmade from six beautiful 100% british sheepskins (british sheep and tanned in the uk) in a soft Ivory colour.
    They exude luxury and with a long soft pile are super comfy, you won't want to get out!
    Each beanbag has a zipable leather base, with a seperate zipable liner filled with approximately 10 cubic feet of beans.
    All liners are made from calico and are filled with regulation polystyrene beans. It is recommended to top up the beans 1-2 times a year to keep your beanbag full as these will squash down over time.
    This item is handmade and each sheepskin is individual therefore there may be slight variations between each one and therefore the overall size of the beanbag.
    ***This listing is for the beanbag only***
    Lovingly made by
    Peekaboo & Rosie

    Sheepskin Beanbag Ivory

    • This beanbag is round in shape.

      The approximate dimensions are: 335cm in circumfrence, 104 cm diameter and approxiamtely 40 cm high, however the height can vary as you move the beans.

      This beanbag takes approximately 10 cubic foot of beans - 283 litres